Image of the 5th Michigan Infantry

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Men with images we have found for the 5th Michigan:

John Braden, Company C

Edward A. Bullard, Company I

John Pulford, Company A and Staff (Second image available)

William E. Pixley, Company G (Second image available)

Edward T. Sherlock, Company A and Staff

Henry F. Lyster, Staff (Second image available)

Hiram Madden, Company F

Solomon T. Lyon, Company E & I

Henry D. Terry, Staff

Heber LeFavour, Company F (then 22nd Michigan Infantry Staff) ( Second Image available)

William Wakenshaw, Company H

Alexander H. McGraw, Staff

John B. Fortier, Company A & G

Soloman S. Matthews, Company D and Staff

Francis (Frank) McElroy, Company F & D

Allen E. Hicks, Company B

John J. Knox, Company D & G